Hassan Brothers, a proprietary and leading concerns in the field of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year of1982 by Mr.T.K.Hassan and today it has grown up to a level of undertaking any challenging turnkey projects.

Hassan Brothers is a Well-Kint organization aspiring to do a cost effective, efficient and reliable business.

“Time and Quality” are the essence and this alone has made the organization success to handle complex and diversified projects..

Hassan Brothers is located in the busy Ambattur industrial Estate at Chennai. Adoption of latest technology, modern Infrastructure, Sound financial resource and a high efficient and motivated team of Engineers & Employees are the back bone of the company and its success.

Our Manufacturing facility M/s.Plasmweld process equipment p. Ldt., is located at 2B/5,Ambattur Industrial Estate ,Chennai-600 058, with and area of about 1.25 Acres of land with 125 HP of Power and modern machineries. This division is taken care of by a dedicated term of professionals.

We manufacture process plant equipment vessels or sugar, cement, Power& Steel Industries and Structural standards with midi and stainless steel materials.

Our Processing plant M/s. Metal Treaters Process metal sheets. Acid Pickling of HR Sheets & Strips and Auto components.

By this process the material will get rust free smooth surface and it will be ready for further machining / operation.

After pickling material can be stored, maximum of 15 days without getting rust further.
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